Actors: Andy Muschietti

Andy Muschietti 1113116
Jméno:Andy Muschietti
Datum narození:1973-08-26
Místo narození:Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina
IMDb ID:nm0615592

Andrés Walter Muschietti (born 26 August 1973) is an Argentine film director and screenwriter who achieved wide recognition with the 2013 film Mama. He gained further recognition for directing both films in the It film series, the 2017 film adaptation of the Stephen King novel and its sequel, It Chapter Two. In 2023, he directed the DC Extended Universe film The Flash.

  • Younger Brother of Argentine writer and producer Barbara Muschietti.
  • He was thirty-nine years old when he directed his first feature film.
  • Both he and his sister studied at Universidad del Cine in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Was set to direct The Mummy (2017) before dropping out due to creative differences.
  • He is the second Latino director ever to direct a comic book film The Flash (2022) after Guillermo Del Toro directed Blade II (2002).
  • He was reported among the front runners to direct a Masters of the Universe remake.
  • He was going to direct Bird Box (2017) for Universal Pictures before the rights went to Netflix.
  • He is rumored to direct the suspected and unwanted remake of Jaws (1975).
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