Actors: Anita Abdinezhad

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Jméno:Awni Abdi-Bahri
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Místo narození:Iran

Anita Abdinezhad is an Iranian-American actress. In February of 2022, while completing her degree in acting at Columbia University's MFA Acting program, Anita got catapulted onto the Broadway stages when she booked three hefty standby roles for POTUS (or Behind Every Great Dumbass are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive) as Rachel Dratch's first cover, then Julianne Hough and Lilli Cooper's. Shortly after, she premiered her first feature film, Tubi-original Eradication, which received a New York Times feature for the top 5 horror films to stream fall of 2022. Anita ended the year landing her first series recurring role for The Girls on The Bus on HBO Max, premiering in spring 2024.

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