Actors: Jonas Bloquet

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Jméno:Jonas Bloquet
Datum narození:1992-07-10
Místo narození:Brussels, Belgium
Výška:1.90 m
IMDb ID:nm2997552

Jonas Bloquet (narozen 10. července 1992) je belgický herec a filmový režisér. Ve filmu debutoval v patnácti letech v dramatu Soukromé lekce (2008), za který byl nominován na cenu Magritte pro nejslibnějšího herce. Hrál v belgických, francouzských a amerických filmech a je známý například rolemi Vincenta Leblanca v psychologickém thrilleru Elle (2016), za kterou byl nominován na Césara pro nejslibnějšího herce, a Maurice "Frenchieho" Theriaulta v hororu Jeptiška (2018) a jeho pokračování Jeptiška II (2023). V televizi si zahrál v mysteriózním sci-fi seriálu 1899 (2022) a ztvárnil Josefa II. císaře Svaté říše římské v historickém dramatickém seriálu Marie Antoinetta (2023). Výše uvedený popis je převzat z článku Jonas Bloquet na Wikipedii, licencováno pod CC-BY-SA, plný seznam přispěvatelů na Wikipedii.

  • Speaks French, English and Dutch.
  • He made his film debut at the age of 15 in the drama Private Lessons (2008), which earned him a Magritte Award nomination for Most Promising Actor.
  • Between 2015 and 2016, Bloquet directed four short films; Conte sur moi, Max, Je suis un troc, and Le Comble du bourreau.
  • Bloquet started playing tennis as a child, having his father as his teacher.
  • He wanted to be an engineer until his mother encouraged him to audition for the film Private Lessons after seeing an ad looking for a teenager who knew how to play tennis. Coincidentally, Bloquet's father had been a tennis teacher for the director, Joachim Lafosse, years before.
  • Since 2015, Bloquet has been in a relationship with actress Claire Boyé, with whom he co-directed and co-starred in the 2015 short film Conte sur moi.
  • He studied filmmaking at Luc Besson's Ecole de la Cité.
  • He has starred in Belgian, French, and American films and is known for his roles such as Vincent Leblanc in the psychological thriller Elle (2016), for which he was nominated for a César Award for Most Promising Actor.
  • In 2013, he had a small role in Luc Besson's black comedy film The Family, his first English-language film.
  • He moved to Paris in 2010, where he studied acting at the Eva Saint-Paul Theatre School for three years.
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