Actors: Kerry Cahill

Kerry Cahill 1049830
Jméno:Kerry Cahill
Datum narození:1982-06-23
Místo narození:Helena, Montana, USA
Výška:1.83 m
IMDb ID:nm2684369

Born in Helena, Montana, Kerry Cahill grew up in small rural towns of Montana, Oregon and Texas. Cahill studied Drama at Loyola University New Orleans; the British American Drama Academy Oxford; and Queen's University Belfast, later moving to Chicago to study with Second City, and Rick Snyder. She started her career in New Orleans and continues to reside there. Kerry can be seen on The Walking Dead as Dianne. She works with Help Heal Veterans and has started a fund, Cahill Cares, to help support important causes.

  • Kerry's father Mike Cahill was one of the 13 victims who were shot and killed by a Mad Gunman during the Ft Hood Massacre in 2009.
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