Actors: Paul Dillon

Paul Dillon 13925
Jméno:Paul Dillon
Datum narození:
Místo narození:Joliet, Illinois, USA
IMDb ID:nm0227051

Paul Dillon is an American character actor who began his career in show business in Chicago. His film career began in 1994 with the film Blink in which he played the role of Neal Booker. He played Paddy O'Brien in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, the most successful film in which he has a credited role. Dillon also has appeared on many hit TV series including NYPD Blue, CSI: Miami, The Guardian, and his recurring role as Angelo in The Pretender. Most recently, he had a guest appearance as Ezekiel in the new ABC drama Night Stalker. Currently, he plays Gary in the play Rantoul and Die.

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