Actors: Paul Rodríguez

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Jméno:Paul Rodríguez
Datum narození:1955-01-19
Místo narození:Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico
IMDb ID:nm0735467

Paul Rodriguez (born January 19, 1955) is a Mexican-born American stand-up comedian and actor.

  • His son, Paul Rodriguez, a professional skateboarder, won the gold medal in the 2004 X Games Skateboard Street Competition.
  • Paul began helping the El Centro Police Activites Leage in raising money, back in the mid 90s. He would donate his time and his talent for the annual 'Fiesta De Loco's' comedy show. The money raised would go to help keep the Imperial Valley youths off the streets and out of gangs, by giving them a recreation facility to play games and hang out. To Paul's surprise, on January 22nd 2005, before his performance, The city of El Centro announced that January 22nd will be named "Paul Rodriguez Day", due to his great yearly contributions in donating his talents to raise money to. Paul went on to tell the story about how his career started and the struggles of growing up segueing into his comedy bit for the night.
  • Formerly stationed in Iceland; Duluth, Minnesota; and the Philippines as a Communications Officer in the Air Force.
  • During his live show in San Quentin, Rodriguez found several childhood friends with whom he grew up in Compton.
  • Moved with his family to Compton a month before the Watts riots.
  • Close friend of Richard Jeni.
  • Chairman of the California Latino Water Coalition.
  • Father, with Nely Galan, of son Lucas Rodriguez, born in 2000.
  • Claimed to be a member of the Compton Varrio Setentas street gang when he was a teenager.
  • Rushed to a Washington, D.C. hospital on October 1, 2009 complaining of severe abdominal pain.
  • He appeared in the music video and sang in the choir on the song "Voices That Care."
  • He has stated in several interviews while shooting his special Behind Bars and live in Sab Quentin which was filmed in California's San Quentin Prison. He was allowed access to areas of the prison where regular visitors weren't allowed in. He has said and this can also be found in DVD special features that while he was touring the Death Row block, he was stopped by someone calling his name and it was none other than serial killer The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez. Ramirez told Rodriguez that he's famous too and he was a huge fan as well as asking for an autograph. Rodriguez told him "You're not famous, you're infamous" and he also refused to give him his autograph. He later said in an interview with the LA Times, that he found it creepy knowing that he Ramirez was a huge fan of him.
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