Actors: Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider 15684
Jméno:Paul Schneider
Datum narození:1976-03-16
Místo narození:Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Výška:1.82 m
IMDb ID:nm0773973

Paul Andrew Schneider (born March 16, 1976) is an American film actor.

  • Left "Parks and Recreation" after its 2nd season by mutual agreement with the show's producers (it had been clear for a while that Schneider would not return for Season 3, leading to the full-time hiring of Adam Scott and a guest-star spot for Rob Lowe who would become a show regular for several years afterwards). While Mike Schur said that Schneider would return for guest spots himself, his character not only never returned to the show but was never mentioned again by any other characters. Before Season 7, Schur confirmed Schneider would not return and Schneider also said both that he hadn't been contacted to return and had zero interest in bringing his character back in any case.
  • Was named one of the "Ten Actors to Watch" by Variety (2007).
  • Graduated from the North Carolina School of the Arts.
  • A big fan of director Jane Campion. He says that Piano (1993) is the film that inspired him to enroll into film school. He later worked with Campion on Bright Star (2009).
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