Actors: Paula Marcenaro Solinger

Paula Marcenaro Solinger 1170889
Jméno:Paula Marcenaro Solinger
Datum narození:
Místo narození:Buenos Aires, Argentina
Výška:1.66 m
IMDb ID:nm2204362

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Paula joined the drama club at school at the age of 6 and has been training since then, both in her hometown and in the USA. In Argentina, she has worked in featured films, short films, voice over, and hosted shows, but her most extensive work has been on stage, where her true passion lies. Besides her work as an actress, Paula has also worked as a model. In 2009, Paula meets singer Johnny Solinger (Skid Row), and in late 2011, she marries and moves to Texas, where she currently resides. Soon after moving, Paula got cast in a feature film, and had not stopped working since then.

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