Actors: Pawel Szajda

Pawel Szajda 558517
Jméno:Pawel Szajda
Datum narození:1982-01-13
Místo narození:Farmington - Connecticut - USA
IMDb ID:nm1437733

Pawel Szajda is actor.

  • He and his siblings took Polish lessons when they were younger.
  • Was a marching band Drum Major in high school.
  • Was a state champion wrestler for Farmington High School.
  • His surname pronounced as "shy-dah".
  • He double-majored in economics and English at Fordham University in New York City.
  • Raised in Farmington, Connecticut.
  • He graduated high school in 1999.
  • Plays the trumpet.
  • His mother, Teresa, is a pediatrician.
  • He has 3 brothers and a sister. One of his brothers is named Phil who graduated high school in 2003.
  • Participated in Track and Field in high school
  • Has an older sister, Barbara, and older brothers Marcin and Adam.
  • He once played the title role in the play The Foreigner by Larry Shue, at Farmington High School.
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