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Jméno:Alan Ruck
Datum narození:1956-07-01
Místo narození:Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Výška:1.79 m
IMDb ID:nm0001688

Alan Douglas Ruck (narozen 1. července 1956) je americký herec. Je známý především díky ztvárnění Camerona Frye ve filmu Johna Hughese Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) a televizním rolím Stuarta Bondeka v sitcomu Spin City na stanici ABC (1996-2002) a Connora Roye v seriálu HBO Succession (2018-2023), za kterou byl nominován na cenu Primetime Emmy. Mezi jeho další filmové role patří například Bad Boys (1983), Tři uprchlíci (1989), Mladé pušky II (1990), Speed (1994) nebo Twister (1996). Výše uvedený popis je převzat z článku Alan Ruck na Wikipedii, licence CC-BY-SA, plný seznam přispěvatelů na Wikipedii.

  • Was 29-years-old when he appeared in the role of Cameron Frye, a high school student, in Volný den Ferrise Buellera (1986).
  • Nearly died of septicemia in 2002.
  • Has played Matthew Broderick's best friend in the original Broadway production of "Biloxi Blues", a relationship they repeated in Volný den Ferrise Buellera (1986).
  • In 2005, he began playing Leo Bloom in the Broadway production of "The Producers". The role was played in the show's initial line-up and in The Producers (2005) by Matthew Broderick. Broderick was the titular character in Volný den Ferrise Buellera (1986), which co-starred Ruck as Ferris' best friend.
  • Received his Bachelor's degree in Drama from the University of Illinois.
  • With his role as Captain John Harriman in Star Trek VII: Generace (1994), he becomes the fourth commander of the starship Enterprise, joining Captains Christopher Pike, Robert April and James T. Kirk.
  • Lives in New York City and Los Angeles, California.
  • Was considered for the role of Chet Donnelly in Podivná věda (1985), which went to Bill Paxton.
  • His wife, Mireille Enos, gave birth to their second child, son Larkin Zouey, on July 23, 2014.
  • Probably best known for his roles in the 1980s along with the "Brat Pack": Bad Boys (1983) with Sean Penn and Ally Sheedy, Třída (1983) with Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy and John Cusack; Volný den Ferrise Buellera (1986) with Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Grey and Charlie Sheen; Three for the Road (1987) with Charlie Sheen and Kerri Green; Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989) with Matt Dillon; and Young Guns II (1990) with Emilio Estevez, Lou Diamond Phillips and Christian Slater. He would go on to work with Phillips in Příběhy ze záhrobí (1989) and with Sheen in Spin City (1996). Ruck will always be inextricably linked with the 1980s "Brats".
  • Alan's wife, Mireille Enos, gave birth to their daughter, Vesper Vivianne, on September 23, 2010.
  • Starred with wife Mireille Enos in ABC's The Catch.
  • Was nominated for a 1984 Joseph Jefferson Award for Actor in a Principal Role in a Play for "Billy Bishop Goes to War" at the Wisdom Bridge Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.
  • (February 12, 2014) Expecting his second child with his wife Mireille Enos.
  • Currently lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife Mireille Enos. (November 2009)
  • He is of German, Irish, Scottish, and English descent.
  • Father, with Claudia Stefany, of son, Sam Ruck, and daughter, Emma Ruck.
  • In his guest-starring role in The Glue People (1996), his character said he wants to be mayor of New York City. In Spin City (1996), he works as chief of staff for the mayor of New York City.
  • Brother-in-law of Veronique Enos and Jongiorgi Enos.
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